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coach1As I was doing some rummaging through the intranet, I stumbled upon an interesting blog site. The blog site is entitled High School Cover 2 and is written by Jim Olsen and Dick Kalla. These two gentlemen have played, coached, scouted, and talked football for much of their lives – nearly a century worth of experience between them.  The purpose of the blog is to address issues and topics related to High School football, particularly in the Pacific Northwest.

I enjoy football as much as anyone but a recent blog post entitled Head Injuries – Ring my bell by Jim really caught my interest. I’ve written about concussions before but the thoughts expressed in this post were extremely noteworthy and worth sharing.

Let me quote the last two paragraphs from the post for you:

“The key to curbing the incidence of SIS (Second Impact Syndrome) is vigilance and firmness. If a kid comes out of a game with a “ding” or having his “bell rung”, he does not go back in the game! Not until a doctor clears him to play. He´s going to tell you that he can play; he´s okay. He´s ready. Okay, Coach? Okay? No! Of course he is going to tell you he´s okay. He´s a football player. But, he´s not playing. Not without a doctor´s release.

So, how do we handle these violations? If a kid launches himself using his head as a weapon into another player, he´s out the rest of the game and the following game as well. For a second violation, he´s out for a season. At all levels, a third violation should result in a player being banished from the game for good. Is this too strict? Ask the kids who have suffered brain damage due to SIS and who function at an extremely reduced level. I believe they would like to have had these warnings and consequences in place before they played their last game.”

I don’t think I could say it any better. That level of wisdom, support, and discipline from a coach regarding this touchy subject is rarely seen from someone not in the medical profession. Jim makes things very clear for all coaches to understand and describes a tremendous blueprint for all football coaches across the country to follow.

Athletic trainers are only part of the solution. Coaches taking responsibility for preventing dangerous behaviour and enforcing strict Return to Play guidelines really gives substance to a football program that is committed to player safety.

Refreshing to say the least.

Jim also notes that these guidelines don’t simply pertain to football but other sports as well, such as baseball and soccer, that will begin soon here in the Midwest.

So I just wanted to share some outstanding insights from others that are fighting along with us as we try to ensure the health and safety of those under our care.

Outstanding job gentleman – keep up the great work!

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