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Staying on top of all of the research that is out there is important. It shapes why we do what we do with those in our care. It reaffirms some of the things that we are doing right and rightfully calls into question some of those things that may need to be questioned.

The trick is to be able to access and efficiently navigate through the research that particularly applies to our profession and the settings we work in.

Last week in a post, I mentioned a free site that allows access to various studies. Today, I’ll bring the Physiospot.com site to mind.

Here is a brief overview of the site:

“Physiospot is a resource where physiotherapists (and other health care professionals) can easily keep up to date with current affairs related to the physiotherapy profession. It presents featured articles, new research, recent news, courses and jobs in one easily accessible place. Not only does this resource provide a wealth of current and archived information for health care professionals, it also provides a great place for self directed continuing education and professional development.”

This site provides summaries of some of the latest research and links to the accompanying abstracts. This site is a great place to visit if you have some spare time to review some of the latest research. Take a look – Rachel Lowe and the team do a very nice job with the site.


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